Chicago Springtime Wedding | Annie & Jessie

Annie and Jessie were married in April, right before Chicago burst with green, but touches of spring flowers were popping up everywhere! There's something so exciting about that time of year! We were married in May, so there we definitely have an affinity to spring weddings. The two of them now live in Nashville (hence the Louisville slugger bats and lots of whiskey!) These two were kind, calm, relaxed and fit perfectly together. It was a joy to photograph them with their friends and family. We love asking couples to write their account of the day, so you can read Annie's awesome thoughts on the day. Being photographers we will stick with telling the story though photographs. Thank you Annie and Jessie for being such an amazing couple to work with! Check out their story and photographs below!


We woke up pretty early on April 8th, partly from still being on Eastern time and partly because I started feeling nervous. We exchanged the gifts that we had barely been keeping secret for weeks, which was one of the best parts of the day. Jesse collected his clothes and headed to his brother’s room while I showered and moved some furniture around in preparation for my friends, as well as the hair and makeup stylists. Jesse got us Jimmy John’s sandwiches which went a long way since we wouldn’t eat again till almost 8 pm. Various people stopped by throughout the morning and asked how I was, to which I always replied “sweaty.” I couldn’t sit due to nervous energy.

Finally, after mimosas, a flurry of blue dresses and a lot of hair spray, I pulled on my slightly heavy gown with the help of 2 extra people and it was time to go see my husband-to-be. Even from down the street I could see Jesse nervously fidgeting with his back to me. Seeing each other was the hardest, scariest and best part by far. We were alone except for the occasional pedestrian and suddenly it was like all of my nerves took a deep breath and I was just happy. I didn’t feel the wind, I didn’t hear the waves. It was the best tunnel vision.

Everything else flew by. We filled the rest of the time beforehand with photos by the lake, drinks at Estereo, and some frustrating cab rides that we can now laugh about but were not so funny at the time. We weren’t even jittery for the ceremony because we made it so short. We knew our guests, people mostly want to get to cocktail hour anyway so they can see their friends and the two of us. To me, the 6 hours at Greenhouse Loft seem like 20 minutes. We were exhausted, excited and overwhelmed, which is the only reason I stayed on my feet and in heels the whole night. When I think about it now 3 weeks later, I see a blur of soft gold light and lots of smiles until I see photos and the memories become clearer. I’m sad that our yearlong anticipation is over but I’m thrilled at how it came together.

- Annie & Jessie, married April 2017


"Jamie and Eric are great. I got the photos back and they are amazing! They were very stealthy, I barely remember seeing them right in front of my face capturing our very real reactions. They had great site suggestions for photos as well since we were a little indecisive, and even took us to a bar right before the ceremony to relax with the wedding party."  - Annie